Massage for Clogged Ears

 You can use these massage techniques when you are in pain (pain from ear infection) and also after if your ear get clogged up and/or to avoid the ears to clogged up when you have cold or allergies.

You can't really do it wrong when it comes to massage. Just keep in mind that the idea is to break up any mucous and allows the fluid in your ear to drain.

Massage for Clogged Ears

Massaging your ear can help keep the Eustachian tube open. Using gentle pressure, draw a line along the back of the ear and down the back of the jawbone. Gently push and release the flap of skin in front of the ear several times.

You can also massage your ears by placing the fleshy part of your palm, just belong your thumb, over your ear, and rotating the ear in all directions.

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Hi Bethany, I just wanted to second Evesmum's advice. In a hot, steamy shower massage the sinuses on the affected side of your face (you hear and feel the fluids moving) and put your pinky finger deeply in your ear and gently 'pump' the eardrum until you feel some relief. At the same time, as you massage down your neck as Evesmum suggested, move your jaw and stretch your head/neck in all directions. You will eventually feel a release of the trapped fluids and be able to breath through your nose. Do it at repeated intervals during the day as well to ensure the fluids don't settle and trap again. I think combining this with the onion therapy will do the trick.

Hope you're feeling better! 

Self-Massage Techniques

Reducing sinus pressure and fluid in the ear from colds, allergies and sinus issues

This video is great - it's self massage - so you can do it as you watch it. If you are feeling pressure from your cold symptoms and plugged ears, this could help.


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  5. Wow this is amazing!!!!!! My ears have been blocked for weeks. Worked straight away, thank you!

  6. the back of the ear and down the back of the jawbone. Gently push and release the flap of skin in front of the ear several times. Click Here


Please tell us about your experience with clogged ears and tell us what worked for you. Your story might be invaluable to someone else.